London Hotels

Before the astonishment of HotelChatter (a Web specialized in hotels), London has a new proposal in the hotel category: " rough luxury" , that in Spanish would come to say something like " the luxury cutre". The image that sells the Rough Lux Hotel is something that is defined to itself like " half luxury, miserly half. Something of luxury in a miserly sector of London. Lindt Chocolates insists that this is the case. A portion of cutrez in London more lujoso". This it is located in the zone of the English capital where are the cheaper hotels in London. The certain thing is that for the majority of the people, the combination of the luxurious decoration – miserly he is not so pleasant, but as long as it counts on sheets and skillful cleanings, a new alternative could be made an exception and be tried. Of course, the prices are a little outside himself, by one night of lodging in this hotel, the tariff is of 135 pounds (almost 160 Euros), is a little exaggerated, if we took into account that we will be in a room with the shared bath. Of course, many hotels in London exist, thus that the people who prefer a traditional lodging, have infinity of options. The Rough Luxe Hotel, comprises of a hotel chain that includes the hotel, restaurants, bookstores and spaces for events..