Gold Silber Gmb

Alone results in significant further growth potential. With a participation at the SOLITAIRE 2 Gold Silber GmbH & co. Jon S. Speelman recognizes the significance of this. KG investors put their money in gold and silver and can participate in the performance of these raw materials. SO this Fund invests in contrast to mutual funds and certificates 2. gold and silver directly into the two precious metals. As a limited partner investors is thus directly on physically-backed gold and silver involved. Gold and silver are purchased at wholesale rates, which the investor benefits from price advantages of up to 12 percent for gold and even up to forty percent for silver.

He himself can decide how the investor what percentage on silver and gold split percentage of its investment. Also, the investor has the choice whether he participates each month with a one time investment in the amount of at least 5,000 euros or in the form of a Fondssparplans with a Mindestsparrate of 50 euros. About SOLITAIRE capital the SOLITAIRE capital GmbH was headquartered in Hamburg, Germany founded in 2008 and has since closed participations in the field Specialized asset investments. With the first participation offer SOLITAIRE gold and Silber GmbH & co. KG offered the underwriter from March until November 2009 private investors the opportunity to invest in physical gold and silver. Since November 2009 investors with the new participation SOLITAIRE 2 can participate in gold and Silber GmbH & co. KG also exclusively physical gold and silver, here but also in the form of a monthly Fondssparplans. The purchase of gold and silver is done at wholesale rates and offers therefore price advantages of up to 12 percent for gold and forty percent for silver. Contact: Caroline Grage public imaging Agency for investor relations and Public Relations GmbH Goldbekplatz 3-5 D-22303 Hamburg Tel.: 040 / 40 19 99-23 fax: 040 / 40 19 99-10 E-Mail: