Foreign Partners

Talks with foreign partners better to work out expats, plays into the hands of the role of "their", and it is very important to leave the company on the international market. Expats are the bearers of Western culture and Western management systems. But this advantage will be the only in that case, if a company has a desire to enter the international market. Otherwise, it can play in a minus, as the Western system of governance is bad falls on the Russian mentality. Cons attraction Officers expats: costs. Unfortunately, fellow expat-cost companies much more expensive than that of Russian specialists.

Firstly, in order to "lure" the employee, the employer must offer him a salary greater than that which he receives at the old place of work. Add to this housing, company car with driver, interpreter travel costs to their country and back, and if you want a specialist come with your family, pay for preschool and school facilities. Also have to pay registration expats and the issuance of all necessary permits for entry into a specialist in the country. Complexities involved in processing expat in the company. In order to take a foreign specialist, the employer will need more than one month: it is required to issue a quota, to get permission for a company and a foreign specialist, to issue an invitation. Quite likely that the company will need additional staff unit that will deal with registration of all documentation for expats. Mentality. Most foreign executives do not know Russian and do not know Russian culture.