European Central Bank

EUR – It is estimated that the ECB will take rates to zero percent yesterday, the European currency slipped against the U.S. dollar, while eagerly awaiting the European Central Bank meeting. Several analysts said that caution must be exercised when taking risks, especially for the announcement that the European monetary authority this Thursday, in addition to any statements Bank of England. The euro gave up yesterday, since it is estimated that the ECB will reduce interest rates again, and may announce a plan to buy bad assets, similar to its American couple. Several analysts estimated that the ECB will be decided by a reduction in interest rates being at 1%, while it is estimated that the BCI will keep interest rates at 0.5%, representing at least one record in England.

But the key will be to see if the ECB hints that continue to reduce interest rates in the short term and also if you decide to purchase government bonds or other unconventional measures, for the purpose of promoting economic growth the region. That is why if the ECB did not follow the footsteps of the Fed, the euro could bounce back. According to Christopher Chandler, who has experience with these questions. JPY – The yen advanced against the yen the dollar yesterday managed to advance against the dollar, especially after he claimed to Reuters that the Bank of America Corp. would need about $ 34 billion in capital, in order to guarantee its existence. The yen rose by 0.8% to 98.17 against the dollar, a spike not seen since April 24.