England and the Falklands

The conflict of Argentina with England renews again, everything by the interest of petroleum, product that it requires the British government before the reality of the energy crisis and what represents to count on a product so quoted as is petroleum, more before the evidence, of the results of a in charge geologic study to an equipment headed by Donald Griffiths, of the University of Birmingham., the possibility of having the islands petroleum. Considrese, as it indicates Wikipedia to it, the exploration in the Falklands Islands began towards end of the decade of 1970 with the acquisition of a Seth of seismic regional data by two oil maintenance companies. In those then data available they did not allow the beginning of the exploration since the Government of the Falklands Islands was not preparation to offer excavation licenses, on the other hand, the beginning of the war in the islands on the part of Argentina in 1982 delayed all exploration. In 1992 the island Government contracted the British Geological Survey so that the exploration process began. After an initial investigation that revealed the existence of several mesozoic river basins was continued with the seismic investigation.

The main interest of exploration after the first round of licenses was located in the area of the River basin North Malvina, a fractured river basin of form extended in water relatively brief. The river basins located to the south and the east of the islands present/display an important technological challenge since they are a greater depth. During the supply of licenses in 1996 seven companies decided a campaign excavation. 6 wells were realised which were planned for the first period of 5 years of the new licenses. Along with extracted the geologic and geophysical data during the exploration campaign also environmental data took shelter. On the other hand, new investigations in this area were carried out during the campaign and was object of study by the last years.