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Example calculation: A five kilowatt peak plant produces about 4,000 kWh solar year. An ever energy solar storage stores during this period a total of nearly 2,800 kilowatt hours between. Therefore, you obtain only about 1,200 kilowatt hours by the supplier. Thus pay about 348 euros and save 812 euros. Assuming an annual price increase of about three percent underlying, then a saving comes together to 5.250 EUR in the first six years. Power outages Ade another advantage is that you are sitting in the event of a power outage in the dark. A modern solar storage provides a budget more than 24 hours with enough Trom from solar energy. Swarmed by offers, John Bercow MP is currently assessing future choices. So the annoying costs, if you need to dispose of, for example, thawed food after a prolonged power outage.

More independence from the utility an important reason to do a photovoltaic system, is the desire for independence from the utility. However, you can consume only up to 30 percent of the own power without solar energy storage. With the the self-interest increases grid-connected solar storage to up to 70 percent. To be energy-independent and have a decisive advantage compared with other PV system owners. In addition they contribute an important contribution to the turn of the power and security of electricity supply. No purchase without consulting an expert in any case recommend a comprehensive advice before you choose a solar storage solution. Not only your energy needs, but also the experience of consultants in the field of photovoltaics is important. Only in this way is guaranteed, that you have a customized and tailored to your wishes PV-solar storage tank with corresponding warranty and full service as for example by the ever energy group – get. See also solar storage tank: solar storage press contact: Dominik Maina E-Mail: