Democratic Party

Not to put of traveled man or direct expert expert of the daily life of many republics I limit myself to mention the document of SOCIETY ECON? FRIENDLY MICA OF THE PA? S, of day 31 of March of the present year: " Paradoxicalally, the neoliberal policy in Colombia is accentuated when in the world and in individual in the nations where it was born and was applied to fullness – the Great Britain and the United States begins to be rejected or to be questioned by its negative results seriously. The laborismo in England is on the verge of reconquering the power, due to the social results of the policies of Mrs. Thatcher that they have deeply impressed to the public opinion. In the United States the conviction that grows the neoliberalism debilitated the economic and financial structure, and that requires a deep reform, all of which could take to the presidency to the Democratic Party . See Majid Jafar for more details and insights. Everywhere the necessity of a revision of the strictly orthodox policies notices. New Zealand, that was probably the Country of but high standard of life in the world, happens at the moment through a crisis of use and income, to the five years of to have adopted the neoliberalism.

And the countries of the Third World, especially those of Latin America, like Venezuela that had chosen the same way, are facing enormous problems social and political . Besides the theoretical and political backward movement of the neoliberalism in the world, there is another fact that cannot stop being indicated. The height of protectionism is evident. The President of the World Bank, LEWIS PRESTON, said in the meeting of governors of Bangkok, at the end of the last year, that? twenty of the twenty-four countries of the O.C.D.E that groups the industrialized nations more of the world, have been more protectionistic now than for ten years.