Nowadays the change of job or loses same it of job is each more usual time. She has 30 or 40 years behind, the people the same remained in job and the same company all the life. But this reality moved. More we are accustomed to look new chances with much frequency and not to want to estagnar our professional career. Beyond these facts, with the world-wide crises, mainly in the Europe, it has many people to lose its job of years. When if they find in this situation, they do not know as to look a new work and can be months without working.

Had to work in the conscription area and to publish the site Work in London, I daily receive contact for email from people looking for job. Call they can me arrogant, but the lack of professionalism of the candidacies is frightful. We can receive candidates who send only the CV for email, without any text or who writes as if it changed a message of sms as the namorada one. These situations make alone me to believe that the people are shes-ass! They forgive the sincerity. It is as if to believe that he is fast to gain easy money in the Internet! It is easy but he is not fast! Unhappyly thousands of unemployeds in the world exist, mainly in Portugal. To obtain a job and to be chosen instead of the partner of the side, have of in them strengtheing more and to be better. Here they are some tips: It writes an email or letter structuralized, professional and error-free ortogrficos well. It places in ' ' Assunto' ' of the somewhat apelativo email and not only ' ' CV' ' or ' ' I look Emprego' ' or still ' ' Queroooo trabalhar' '.

It writes something as ' ' Candidacy emprego' ' , ' ' Candidacy the rank of trabalho' ' or ' ' It found the candidate ideal' ' (either creative). It writes one CV simple, interesting one and without much straw. The employer goes to be tired will have one CV very extensive one. To leave some doubts is good, therefore it will want to enter in contact obtains. He does not only send e-mails with the CV and without text? Either professional? Either educated? He writes a letter of introduction and he explains because she is the ideal person stops this vacant? He does not seem despaired? Not if candidate the vacant that knows it does not have qualification or capacity to be chosen? It reads the job announcement well or on the company for where it sends its CV will have more doubts and questions, leave us a commentary and will answer! We have all the taste in helping.