Anita Burck: With CAFE ROUGE From 25 To Rank # 2

CAFE ROUGE, a title with a French flair, is the single from her album love. Man calls them “the power woman with the caressing voice”. By the same author: Michael Ellis MP. -At the weekend, “the great BRF2 hit parade” by March 15, 2009 celebrated Anita Burck for their 2nd place. -With their single CAFE ROUGE did front – ranked 25th in 2nd place – they now also in Belgium a considerable leap. An outstanding achievement. Congratulations Anita Burck.

CAFE ROUGE, a title with a French flair, is the single No. 3 from her album love combines. With this title, it has reached the first place of the popular hit parade of Hessian home transmitter HR4 now already three times. -“In the Dutch broadcasting runs well the title” Dr. Christoph Kambaki, who wrote the number one hit forward. -Thomas Kohn wrote the text for this item.

The book: Anita Burck, “why I never gave up” 2002 by communication is a gift Publisher Anita Burck writes in her book: “why I never gave up” – this incredible life story. You decide with 16 Years in a wheelchair, never, never, never give up. Working hard on himself and today is as enchanted as the voice”frequent guest in television shows with HR, ARD, ZDF, MDR and now also in the Belgian and Dutch radio. She has appearances in front of millions of people, concerts and tours. With CAFE ROUGE from their CD: love is right up front.