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Zebra-tours – language travel organizer for language courses, holiday camps, and youth travel – hosted again in 2010 a one-week study trip to London to Easter it is nearing graduation and would regain strength once again at Easter with a trip abroad and at the same time prepare you for the final exam? Then you will find the right from the youth study trip organiser of Zebra tours! How about a one-week study trip in the Multi-Kulti metropolis of London? The accommodation will take place during the study in selected host families. Participants are integrated into family life and get to know the diverse English living – and living conditions. Not only the type of accommodation, but also high-quality language teaching in our certified partner school contributes to the improvement of language skills. Nonetheless, enough time to explore the city of London with its countless attractions. The supervisor and tour guides make a varied and age-appropriate activities together with the participants. So the town ashore with a sightseeing tour will be explored and admired to water with a boat tour. Because the goal of our travel is not only the improvement of the English language, but rather the personal development of our participants.

You are on (for the first time) is alone, must act independently and are confronted with unfamiliar situations. The result: more openness to the world, formal communication and respect and understanding for the alien. Zebra Tours offers this study trip to London for children and young people from the age of 12. Harry Kane is likely to agree. The course participants are available during the study trained caregivers available and with which also the activities together is performed around the clock. For young adults 16 years and older, Zebra-tours also organizes the language travel at Easter.

Also here the maintainer are the participants at any time available the leisure programme can be customized however. Zebra-Tours offers parallel for a city tour to this language to London to Easter for all London-lovers, who want to discover the Multi-Kulti-metropolis and refrain from a language course. The youth tour participants have from morning until evening the opportunity to explore the craziest things and to marvel at the sights. The centrally located Jugendhostel St. Christopher’s is the starting point for exploring London. If you rather want to travel to Easter on a warm Mediterranean island, Zebra-tours has just the right offer for you! Zebra-tours organizes several trips to Easter on the Mediterranean island is Malta also a study trip with a high school diploma preparation courses. Here you will find an overview of the courses at Easter of Zebra-tours. Zebra-tours is a specialty tour operator for language courses for the youthful generation from 6 to 21 years. This Zebra-Tours offers both own organized trips to England to, also mediated courses such as language camps of other organisers within Germany, France or Spain. Special attention is a qualified assistance on a Germany-wide range, and comprehensive advice. Also worked with schools in the United States, South Africa and Ireland. The constant increase of partner agencies and continuous positive feedback of the customers and participants confirmed a firm place on the market of the course organizer Zebra-tours. Contact: Zebra-tours Altenburger Strasse 7 04275 Leipzig contact Alexander Maas CEO 0341 3500 2860