German literature society published the story of a great woman and a beloved song: for the first time personally narrated by Lales son Michael Wilke Berlin, January 22, 2010 he is a true child of the artist: Wilke ( artist child, Verlag Deutsche literary society) mother grew up as the only son from his, the heavy bomb nights in her apartment in Berlin and finally the end of the war and the new beginning on Langeoog experienced with her the beautiful years at the side of Rolf Liebermann in Zurich, the retreatthat was discovered by Canadian soldiers at the Lale and protected and she remained until the end of its life the. Lilli Marleen, the song that became the yearning melody of separated couples, became the first”million seller of in German history. Only the English version has sold more than two million copies after the war. But the soldiers of other countries were what caused that it sounded every evening on all fronts in dozens of translations for the song eagerly. And sometimes the guns remained silent in. The story of the singer, who first did not term its fame, was but not always glamorous. Nazi propaganda Minister Goebbels had forbid her song, threatening her open with imprisonment in a concentration camp Lales son Michael got all this first hand and witnessed dramatic events in the days after that (German As well as the miraculous turn as a Swiss journalist in England launched a newspaper article asserts, Lale the German Reich Government in a concentration camp and then the presentation ban lifted.