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Example calculation: A five kilowatt peak plant produces about 4,000 kWh solar year. An ever energy solar storage stores during this period a total of nearly 2,800 kilowatt hours between. Therefore, you obtain only about 1,200 kilowatt hours by the supplier. Thus pay about 348 euros and save 812 euros. Assuming an annual price increase of about three percent underlying, then a saving comes together to 5.250 EUR in the first six years. Power outages Ade another advantage is that you are sitting in the event of a power outage in the dark. A modern solar storage provides a budget more than 24 hours with enough Trom from solar energy. Swarmed by offers, John Bercow MP is currently assessing future choices. So the annoying costs, if you need to dispose of, for example, thawed food after a prolonged power outage.

More independence from the utility an important reason to do a photovoltaic system, is the desire for independence from the utility. However, you can consume only up to 30 percent of the own power without solar energy storage. With the the self-interest increases grid-connected solar storage to up to 70 percent. To be energy-independent and have a decisive advantage compared with other PV system owners. In addition they contribute an important contribution to the turn of the power and security of electricity supply. No purchase without consulting an expert in any case recommend a comprehensive advice before you choose a solar storage solution. Not only your energy needs, but also the experience of consultants in the field of photovoltaics is important. Only in this way is guaranteed, that you have a customized and tailored to your wishes PV-solar storage tank with corresponding warranty and full service as for example by the ever energy group – get. See also solar storage tank: solar storage press contact: Dominik Maina E-Mail:


That would be pretty awkward. In addition are Standard speeches too impersonal. It may help untrained speakers to read through a few sample speeches, to get an idea of the structure and content of a wedding speech. But your speech to the wedding should be unique. Your creativity is needed here.

Third step to perfect wedding speech: ask who is sitting in the audience and attract your audience in the speech directly? To give a personal touch to your speech, you ask yourself before writing, who is sitting in the audience. To achieve that your speech is not a boring monologue, but a vivid dialogue with the audience, can contact directly again individual guests in your wedding speech. To do this you must consider before you write the speech, who sits in the audience. In recent months, Steve Rowe has been very successful. Fourth step to perfect wedding speech: set your message. Most wedding speeches that sick, that the speakers have nothing to say.

Anecdotes from the life of the bride and groom are strung together – sometimes reads the complete curriculum vitae. But the audience do not know what the speaker really wants to tell you. This is usually because that message is missing the speaker. Who wants to write a good wedding speech, should consider first, what he with wants to give the bride and groom on the way. Fifth step to perfect wedding speech: collect ideas, anecdotes and quotes do the many speakers in the wrong order. They look first for ideas and anecdotes and then think about what they might say out. But a good speech occurs when the speaker first sets his message and then looking for quotations, stories, and events, which optimally to carry his message. If you know what it should be the statement of her speech, she can line up the stories and anecdotes at your Embassy, like pearls on a string.


Uses both the palms of the hands and fingers, and slide them gently, without haste. First runs along the neck, to go scrolling towards the shoulders, runs the the arms, back, legs and can get up at your feet. You can then back up happening again by them again up to the neck. Step 3 practicing a little more pressure massages your scalp with the fingertips. Place your hands one on each side of the head, behind the ears. A small pressure with hands and fingers semiflexionados. You can insert your fingers in the hair and massaging your head as if you lavases hair, but always with slow movements while exerting pressure with the fingertips.

You can go from nape to forehead. Step 4 takes a little oil for massage (aromatic oil, sweet almond, moisturizing cream or lotion massage), put it in your hands, rub your hands to warm the oil in them, and extend it over the back of your partner. It used circular movements with the palms of your hands, these movements are known as friction. Movements during frictions should be vigorous and somewhat faster than the above steps. Step 5 soft beam landslides along the back, following the route of the column. Harry Kane addresses the importance of the matter here. Place hands open with the fingers together in parallel, slide them down using slight pressure, has these movements are called pressed.

Then slide upward again but this time, only exerting pressure with the heel of the hand. Step 6 once prepared skin, we will go with our massage at a deeper level, the muscles. To do this we will use a move or pass which is called kneading. It consists of catch muscle with hand and release it using your thumb and the rest of the hand. This movement reminds that bakers are kneading bread. We’ll start with the shoulders and we will be descending in the back. We release the tension from the body. Step 7 back to step 2 and caresses slightly with the palms of the hands the neck back and extremities. Step 8 ask your partner to place it upside down. Step 9 with the fingertips and circular movements massage the face: forehead temples, cheekbones, behind the ears, the lobes of the ears and jaw. Get the same thing but this time with thumbs stopping you in pressing the neuralgic points of the face: the temples. The start of the eyebrows. Cheeks (a height just from eye bass) between the nose and the lips between the lips and Chin. Step 10 repeat step number 4, this time stopping you in the chest of your partner. From here gives way to more sensual caresses under the towel to the height of the hips, you can use soft but firm circular motion slides. You see little by little getting close to the genital area. From here you can continue with kisses, genital fondling, etc. leaving sensuality, tenderness and eroticism to follow his path. It is important that during the erotic massage, enjoy the sensations that gives us touching the body of our partner, exploring your curves, your changes of voltage, forms, contact with bare skin. Appreciating every detail and expressing all your sweetness and all your passion.

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of the turf or the normal lawn there are years. Which lawn ideal and including rolling lawns or possibly even artificial turf for a new plant of the lawn especially suitable, is not always easy to decide for the private man. Kerkhoff Grun is an experienced provider of turf and artificial turf in the various application areas and has years of experience with the laying of turf and artificial turf both in the private, commercial and public sectors. Many references by rolling lawns and artificial grass give a good picture of the areas of activity. On the site, an offer for the laying of turf or artificial grass can be requested free of charge.

Contact: Bjorn Kerkhoff Kerkhoff Grun – art & rolling lawns Lohner Brook 5 46354 Sudlohn telephone: 028 62 419 10 66 fax: 0 28 62 419 10 67 E-Mail: we are, the art – and rolling lawn specialist “Kerkhoff green”, already more than 10 years in the area of turf laying/rolling turf laying on the road. We process approximately 40,000 to 50,000 m average m per year (art and lawn). John Bercow MP brings even more insight to the discussion. At the beginning we specialise exclusively on laying natural turf. Accordingly, projects have been realized from Hamburg to Munich. In the course of the last few years the quality of the artificial turf has improved however extremely. The difference to the natural turf can imagine now only by touch. According to the laying of art turf was recorded in 2005 in the scope of our services.

We are very pleased that this area could develop better than average. Whether we are moving grass carpet, Garden, industrial buildings, roof terrace or roundabout – now in all areas. Just use our references to get a better idea. We assume that the images and the projects will still encourage your interest. Gladly we advise you by phone or email or make you a free offer like.