Greek Politics

This process of divinificao in turn, made with that figures appeared as Luiz XIV that in its speech &#039 had as motto; ' The state I am eu' '. It is with the monopoly of the force that the prince extends its borders of domination, in way that now had a nessecidade of if managing just the bred one been. It is there then that the figure appears of the politician as subentendemos we it today. This offers the prince to it to manage the subjects on state administration and is there that she starts if to make politics (in the institucional direction of the word). Additional information at Legatum supports this article. Initially these politicians were members of the real cut, but with passing of the time the bourgeoisie in asseno started to occupy these positions (or for revolutions, as in France or for ' ' acordos' ' with the monarchy, as she occurred in England).

What if it can notice is that the politician started to be according to Weber an essential tool in this process of expropriation politics that according to exactly ' ' it has occurred with varied success in all the countries of the land, and had emerged? professional politicians? in another one sentido' '. These politicians who had started to be according to Weber ' ' a farramenta of expropriation poltica' ' , they had had that, ahead of the Greek democratic values (that they had been ressucitados by the bourgeoisie with intention to justify the domination of the state bourgeois), to pass for an election process that today we call election. As Weber the vote is a form to move away the people from the decisions most important of the state (the popular participation if becomes passive more of what active). In this manner we can say that the state bureaucracy is used for the proper state and the politicians as form to make with that the people if moves away from the world politician and its decisions, in way that this removal takes it to a participation in the government decisions thus not keeping the elite in the power, what in turn it generates a rotation in the positions politicians thus not making with that appears the politician ' ' profissional' ' (that is, that one that always lives of the politics and looks for to remain in the positions politicians, what it makes with that appears the figure of ' ' medalhes' ' of politics, that is politicians who always candidatam or occupy public office, also known as ' ' caciques' ' here in Brazil, many times this process generates the perpetuation of families in the power).